Photonic crystals

  title={Photonic crystals},
  author={Igor S. Nefedov and Marian Marciniak},
  journal={International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (Cat. No. 99EX350)},
  • I. Nefedov, M. Marciniak
  • Published 1999
  • Physics
  • International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (Cat. No. 99EX350)
The term photonic crystals appears because of the analogy between electron waves in crystals and the light waves in artificial periodic dielectric structures. During the recent years the investigation of one-, two-and three-dimensional periodic structures has attracted a widespread attention of the world optics community because of great potentiality of such structures in advanced applied optical fields. The interest in periodic structures has been stimulated by the fast development of… 

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