Photonic-band-gap resonator gyrotron.

  title={Photonic-band-gap resonator gyrotron.},
  author={J. R. Sirigiri and Kenneth E. Kreischer and J. S. Machuzak and Ivan Mastovsky and Michael A. Shapiro and Richard J. Temkin},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={86 24},
We report the design and experimental demonstration of a gyrotron oscillator using a photonic-band-gap (PBG) structure to eliminate mode competition in a highly overmoded resonator. The PBG cavity supports a TE(041)-like mode at 140 GHz and is designed to have no competing modes over a minimum frequency range delta omega/omega of 30% about the design mode. Experimental operation of a PBG gyrotron at 68 kV and 5 A produced 25 kW of peak power in the design mode. No other modes were observed over… CONTINUE READING
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