Photonic Crystal Waveguide Based on 2-D Photonic Crystal With Absolute Photonic Band Gap

  title={Photonic Crystal Waveguide Based on 2-D Photonic Crystal With Absolute Photonic Band Gap},
  author={Yasuhide Tsuji and Yoshifumi Morita and Koichi Hirayama},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
We propose an air-hole-type photonic crystal (PC) waveguide which can support both TE and TM waves. In order to realize such a waveguide, we employ a compound-type PC with absolute photonic bandgap and introduce a line defect with elliptical air holes. This PC waveguide realizes single-mode operation for both TE and TM waves. As an example of device application of this waveguide, a polarization splitter is demonstrated 


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