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Photon gravitational defection in Lorentz violating scenarios

  title={Photon gravitational defection in Lorentz violating scenarios},
  author={Ant{\^o}nio Jos{\'e} Accioly and Gustavo P. de Brito and Jos'e Abdalla Helayel-Neto},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
The effect of Lorentz symmetry violation in the phenomenon of photon gravitational bending, is investigated. Using a semiclassical approach, where the photon is described by the Carrol-Field-Jackiw (CFJ) electrodynamics which is responsible for implementing the Lorentz symmetry violation, the gravitational deflection angle related to the CFJ photon is computed. As expected, this bending angle experiences a deviation from the usual Einstein result and the latter is recovered in the appropriate…