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Photon correlations in both time and frequency

  title={Photon correlations in both time and frequency},
  author={E. D. Valle and J. C. L. Carreno and F. Laussy},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
  • E. D. Valle, J. C. L. Carreno, F. Laussy
  • Published 2018
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Quantum Physics
  • While quantum mechanics precludes the perfect knowledge of so-called "conjugate" variables, such as time and frequency, we discuss the importance of compromising to retain a fair knowledge of their combined values. In the case of light, we show how time and frequency photon correlations allow us to identify a new type of photon emission, which can be used to design a new type of quantum source where we can choose the distribution in time and energy of the emitted photons. 

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