Photon-Photon Interaction in Glueball Production

  title={Photon-Photon Interaction in Glueball Production},
  author={Daniel Tavares da Silva and Mario Lino da Silva and Dimiter Hadjimichef},
In the last years many exotic states have been identified in several colliders around the world. One of the exotic states provided in QCD is the glueball. Using a non-relativistic gluon bound-state model, we compute Γ(G → γγ), where G is a pseudoscalar, tensor, or scalar digluon. For the starting from the amplitudes we considers the process γγ → g∗g∗ at threshold, where the amplitudes are obtained in perturbative QCD at lowest order by deriving them from QED calculation and the g∗s are massive… CONTINUE READING