Photometry and spectroscopy of GRB 060526: A detailed study of the afterglow and host galaxy of a z = 3.2 gamma-ray burst

  title={Photometry and spectroscopy of GRB 060526: A detailed study of the afterglow and host galaxy of a z = 3.2 gamma-ray burst},
  author={C. Thone and D. A. Kann and G. J'ohannesson and J. Selj and A. Jaunsen and J. Fynbo and C. Akerlof and K. Baliyan and C. Bartolini and I. Bikmaev and J. Bloom and R. Burenin and B. Cobb and S. Covino and P. Curran and H. Dahle and A. Ferrero and S. Foley and J. French and A. Fruchter and S. Ganesh and J. Graham and G. Greco and A. Guarnieri and L. Hanlon and J. Hjorth and M. Ibrahimov and G. Israel and P. Jakobsson and M. Jel'inek and B. Jensen and U. J{\o}rgensen and I. Khamitov and T. S. Koch and A. Levan and D. Malesani and N. Masetti and S. Meehan and G. Melady and D. Nanni and J. Naranen and E. Pak{\vs}tienė and M. Pavlinsky and D. Perley and A. Piccioni and G. Pizzichini and A. Pozanenko and P. Roming and W. Rujopakarn and V. Rumyantsev and E. Rykoff and D. Sharapov and D. Starr and R. Sunyaev and H. Swan and N. Tanvir and F. Terra and P. Vreeswijk and A. C. Wilson and S. Yost and F. Yuan},
Aims. With this paper we want to investigate the highly variable afterglow light curve and environment of gamma-ray burst (GRB) 060526 at z = 3: 221. Methods. We present one of the largest photometric datasets ever obtained for a GRB afterglow, consisting of multi-color photometric data from the ultraviolet to the near infrared. The data set contains 4 12 data points in total to which we add additional data from the literature. Furthermore, we present low-resolution high signal-to-noise spectra… Expand
Gamma-ray bursts and their use as cosmic probes
  • P. Schady
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Royal Society Open Science
  • 2017


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