Photolysis and Pyrolysis of N‐Methyl Isoindole

  title={Photolysis and Pyrolysis of N‐Methyl Isoindole},
  author={Wolfgang Rettig and Jakob Wirz},
Near UV. irradiation of N-methyl isoindole (1) in deaerated solution has yielded two constitutionally isomeric [π4s+π4s] dimers 3 and 4 (Scheme 2). No transient or stable photoisomers of 1 were detected. The photodimers were reconverted to 1 both by pyrolysis and photolysis. The photocleavage of dimer 3 proceeds (predominantly) by anonadiabatic pathway yielding 1 in its electronic ground state. Prolonged pyrolysis of 1 afforded 11H-indeno [1,2-c]-isoquinoline (5) as a major product.