Photoluminescence of carbon nanodots: dipole emission centers and electron-phonon coupling.

  title={Photoluminescence of carbon nanodots: dipole emission centers and electron-phonon coupling.},
  author={Siddharth Ghosh and Anna M. Chizhik and Narain Karedla and Mariia O Dekaliuk and Ingo Gregor and Henning Schuhmann and Michael Seibt and Kai Bodensiek and Iwan A T Schaap and Olaf H Schulz and Alexander P. Demchenko and J{\"o}rg Enderlein and Alexey I Chizhik},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={14 10},
Inorganic carbon nanomaterials, also called carbon nanodots, exhibit a strong photoluminescence with unusual properties and, thus, have been the focus of intense research. Nonetheless, the origin of their photoluminescence is still unclear and the subject of scientific debates. Here, we present a single particle comprehensive study of carbon nanodot photoluminescence, which combines emission and lifetime spectroscopy, defocused emission dipole imaging, azimuthally polarized excitation dipole… CONTINUE READING
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