Photoluminescence of EuGa2Se4:Nd3+

  • Мirjalal Pashayev, Bahadir Guseyn Tagiyev, Said Аbush Аbushov, Оgtay Bahadir Таgiyev, Fatma Аgaverdi Kаzimova
  • Published 2013


The photoluminescence (PL) in temperature interval 77 300 K is investigated in Eu Ga2Se4:Nd polycrystals. It is established that broad band PL with maximum at 561nm is caused by intracentral transitions 4f5d 4f(S7/2) of Eu ions. The intracentral emission of Nd, corresponding to both transitions from F3/2 level and higher situated levels, is observed at… (More)


7 Figures and Tables

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