Photoluminescence‐Based Techniques for the Detection of Micro‐ and Nanoplastics

  title={Photoluminescence‐Based Techniques for the Detection of Micro‐ and Nanoplastics},
  author={Chiara Capolungo and Damiano Genovese and Marco Montalti and Enrico Rampazzo and Nelsi Zaccheroni and Luca Prodi},
  journal={Chemistry (Weinheim an Der Bergstrasse, Germany)},
  pages={17529 - 17541}
Abstract The growing numbers related to plastic pollution are impressive, with ca. 70 % of produced plastic (>350 tonnes/year) being indiscriminately wasted in the environment. The most dangerous forms of plastic pollution for biota and human health are micro‐ and nano‐plastics (MNPs), which are ubiquitous and more bioavailable. Their elimination is extremely difficult, but the first challenge is their detection since existing protocols are unsatisfactory for microplastics and mostly absent for… 

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