Photoinduced reactions of 1-acetylisatin with phenylacetylenes.

  title={Photoinduced reactions of 1-acetylisatin with phenylacetylenes.},
  author={Jianyue Xue and Yun Zhang and Xin I. Wang and Hoong Kun Fun and Jian Hua Xu},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={2 17},
[reaction: see text]Photoinduced reactions of 1-acetylisatin 1 with diphenylacetylenes 2a-2c afforded the corresponding 3-methylene-2-indolones 4a-4e and 5a-5e in 80-90% yields via a spirooxetene intermediate. Similar irradiation of 1 with phenylacetylene, on the other hand, resulted in efficient formation of two diastereoisomeric dispiro[3H-indole-3,2'-furan-3',3"-(3H)-indole]-2,5',2"(2H,5'H,2"H )triones 6 and 7 via a reaction sequence with initial formation of the spirooxetene intermediate… CONTINUE READING