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Photoinduced plasma oscillations in Weyl semimetals

  title={Photoinduced plasma oscillations in Weyl semimetals},
  author={Pierre-Antoine Graham and S. M. Bertrand and Michael B'edard and R. Durand and Ion Garate},
Van Roosbroeck’s equations constitute a versatile tool to determine the dynamics of electrons under time- and space-dependent perturbations. Extensively utilized in ordinary semiconductors, their potential to model devices made from topological materials remains untapped. Here, we adapt van Roosbroeck’s equations to theoretically study the response of a Weyl semimetal to an ultrafast and spatially localized light pulse in the presence of a magnetic field. We predict a transient oscillatory… 

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Analysis and simulation of semiconductor devices

1. Introduction.- 1.1 The Goal of Modeling.- 1.2 The History of Numerical Device Modeling.- 1.3 References.- 2. Some Fundamental Properties.- 2.1 Poisson's Equation.- 2.2 Continuity Equations.- 2.3