Photoinduced DNA biopolymer nanocomposite for organic memory devices

  title={Photoinduced DNA biopolymer nanocomposite for organic memory devices},
  author={Ting-Yu Lin and Wei-Ting Hsu and Yu-Chueh Hung},
  journal={2011 International Quantum Electronics Conference (IQEC) and Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) Pacific Rim incorporating the Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy and the Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology},
A photoinduced approach was used to synthesize a nanocomposite system comprised of DNA biopolymer and silver nanoparticles. A photoinduced switching behavior was observed while incorporating such DNA biopolymer nanocomposite as a single layer memory device and a maximum On/Off ratio of 103 can be achieved under appropriate irradiation condition. Such… CONTINUE READING