Photoinactivation of photosystem II by cumulative exposure to short light pulses during the induction period of photosynthesis

  title={Photoinactivation of photosystem II by cumulative exposure to short light pulses during the induction period of photosynthesis},
  author={Yun-Kang Shen and Wah Soon Chow and Youn-Il Park and Jan M. Anderson},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
Photoinactivation of Photosystem (PS) II in vivo was investigated by cumulative exposure of pea, rice and spinach leaves to light pulses of variable duration from 2 to 100 s, separated by dark intervals of 30 min. During each light pulse, photosynthetic induction occurred to an extent depending on the time of illumination, but steady-state photosynthesis had not been achieved. During photosynthetic induction, it is clearly demonstrated that reciprocity of irradiance and duration of illumination… CONTINUE READING


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