Photographers Note Digital's Advantages, Disadvantages

  title={Photographers Note Digital's Advantages, Disadvantages},
  author={Shahira S Fahmy and C. Zoe Smith},
  journal={Newspaper Research Journal},
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Digital imaging has been found to increase photographer's flexibility and time management, ensure usable images and increase involvement in photo editing decisions. However, digital imaging has also been found to generate shortage and archival problems and to increase editing duties. 
Digital Camera Use Affects Photo Procedures/Archiving
While digital cameras are used on most assignments and more images are shot, a lower proportion of those images are archived compared to images shot with film cameras in years past.
Analysis of Digital Photography Technology in the Era of Big Data
The term “Digital Photography” has been a relatively new research topic in the field of computer-mediated technology. Although Digital Photography emerged thirty years ago, continuous developments
SOCIO-TECHNICAL PERSPECTIVES ON DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Scientific digital photography use by marine mammal researchers
from journals and the process of direct submission to journals, which he considers to be niches within a “broader ecology of biomolecular knowledge” that can support a variety of communication
Image-Selection Processes in a Swedish Newsroom
While the ‘observed moment’ appeared to remain a photojournalistic ideal among visual gatekeepers, there were divergent perceptions found of the current and future functions of the news photograph.
A Faster Kind of Photojournalism?
Abstract This article examines factors influencing the editorial processing of photographs, the impact of photojournalistic practices on those processes as well as perceptions of images. Perspectives
Transformation of photojournalism practice in the Czech Republic in the age of digital technology
This study investigates the impact of digitalization on the photojournalistic profession and its transformation during the last two decades. The development of digital technology and the Internet by
Out of the frame: A longitudinal perspective on digitization and professional photojournalism
It is suggested that digitization has had much wider ripples than just accelerating the speed and efficiency in which news photos are taken, transmitted, selected, manipulated, stored, and retrieved.
Photojournalism in Central Europe
Abstract The adoption of digital technologies, along with current economic realities, has affected the entire process of visual news production. It has also influenced the traditional concept of
Multiplatform storytelling: Are photojournalists taking advantage?
With the expansion of connected devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.), a leap in multiplatform technologies is occurring, bringing about changes in many areas of the communications professions. In
Is Seeing Believing? A Survey of Magazine Professionals' Practices and Attitudes Toward Ethical Standards for Photographs
A survey of magazine professionals found fewer than four in 10 respondents would alter or enhance an image to improve its readability. Circulation, size and magazine type predicted whether


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