Photogrammetry from Archived Digital Imagery for Seal Monitoring

  title={Photogrammetry from Archived Digital Imagery for Seal Monitoring},
  author={Jon P. Mills and I. Newton and Sean D. Twiss},
  journal={The Photogrammetric Record},
This paper discusses the use of near vertical aerial photographs archived onto Kodak Photo CD in the production of a digital elevation model of the Isle of May, Scotland. Control for the survey was obtained using differential GPS receivers and the photogrammetric processing was carried out using low cost PC hardware and software. The elevation model is being used in a GIS to enable the spatial analysis of the island's seal population. 

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Expansion of a grey seal ( Halichoerus grypus ) breeding colony: changes in pupping site use at the Isle of May, Scotland

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Genetic analysis of pups born on the island of North Rona, Scotland, reveals large numbers of full siblings, although dominant males father disproportionately few of these.

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