Photoemission spectroscopy study of Alq3 and metal mixed interfaces

  title={Photoemission spectroscopy study of Alq3 and metal mixed interfaces},
  author={Soonnam Kwon and Shin Cheul Kim and Youngkyoo Kim and Jae-Gyoung Lee and Sun-Wook Kim and Kwangho Jeong},
The electronic structures of mixed layers of tris (8-hydroxy-quinoline) aluminum (Alq3) and metal (Au and Al) were studied by ultraviolet and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS and XPS). The devices with a mixed layer between Alq3 and the cathode were fabricated. The barrier height for electron injection was reduced by doping metals (Au or Al) into Alq3. The doping enhanced the performance of the device. From the XPS study, the doped Au metal did not react with Alq3 and in addition, the… CONTINUE READING