Photoelectron spectra, electronic structure and long-range electronic interaction in some steroids

  title={Photoelectron spectra, electronic structure and long-range electronic interaction in some steroids},
  author={Tomislav Cvita{\vs} and Branka Kova{\vc} and Lj. Pasa-Tolic and Branko Ruscic and L. Klasinc and Jan V. Knop and Norman S. Bhacca and S. P. McGlynn},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={2139 - 2150}
Alicyclic molecular frameworks are useful for the study of electronic through-bond (TB) and through space (TS) interactions of functional groups over fixed distances and/or a specified number of C-C bonds. Steroids, being readily available, stable and stereochemically well-defined, are especially suited for such investigations. Indeed, their use in the study of the stereochemical aspects and the long-range effects of groups situated at specified distances from chemically reactive centers has… CONTINUE READING

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