Photodynamic therapy of 9L gliosarcoma with liposome-delivered photofrin.

  title={Photodynamic therapy of 9L gliosarcoma with liposome-delivered photofrin.},
  author={Feng Jiang and Lothar Lilge and B Logie and Yan Li and Michael Chopp},
  journal={Photochemistry and photobiology},
  volume={65 4},
The effect of Photofrin encapsulated in a liposome delivery vehicle for photodynamic therapy (PDT) of the 9L gliosarcoma and normal rat brain was tested. We hypothesized that the liposome vehicle enhances therapeutic efficacy, possibly by increasing tumor tissue concentration of Photofrin. Male Fisher rats bearing a 9L gliosarcoma were treated 16 days after intracerebral tumor implantation with either Photofrin in dextrose (n = 5) or Photofrin in liposome (n = 6). Nontumor-bearing animals were… CONTINUE READING
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