Photodiode quantum efficiency enhancement at 365 nm: optical and electrical.

  title={Photodiode quantum efficiency enhancement at 365 nm: optical and electrical.},
  author={R L Booker and Jon Geist},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={21 22},
In 1976, Lind and Zalewski reported changes in the quantum efficiency (QE) of silicon junction photodiodes upon exposure to UV radiation. One of the diodes showed a 25% increase in QE after 1-h exposure to 364-nm laser radiation having a beam power density of 4 mW/cm. The diode maintained its high QE after 4 h in the dark but returned to its original QE after several days. Attempts to repeat these results with an incident flux of 10 μW/cm showed no ef­ fect. In an attempt to explain this… CONTINUE READING

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