Photodegradation of hydroxychlorothalonil in aqueous solutions.

  title={Photodegradation of hydroxychlorothalonil in aqueous solutions.},
  author={Kevin L Armbrust},
  journal={Environmental toxicology and chemistry},
  volume={20 12},
Hydroxychlorothalonil is the principal degradation product of the fungicide chlorothalonil in soil, and it is routinely detected in leachate from golf course greens at concentrations as high as 2 ppm. However, it is not detected in receiving waters of shallow ponds. Irradiation with simulated sunlight degraded hydroxychlorothalonil in distilled-deionized water, phosphate buffer, and pond water with half-lives of approximately 30 min. Slower degradation was observed in solutions of NaCl and NaCN… CONTINUE READING
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