Photodarkening: measure, characterization, and figure of merit

  title={Photodarkening: measure, characterization, and figure of merit},
  author={S. Taccheo and H. Gebavi and D. Tr{\'e}goat and T. Robin and B. Cadier and D. Milanese and L. Leick},
  journal={Spie Newsroom},
Fiber lasers and laser amplifiers at 1 m wavelength are already a fundamental tool for materials processing. Their reliability and efficiency allow precise and cost-effective welding, cutting, trepanning (drilling), and engraving as well as micromachining or more exotic applications such as material forming (i.e., shaping) of 3D prototypes. The next generation of fiber-laser applications will include cost-efficient production of solar cells by 13nm lithography. However, such technology will… Expand

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D, Tregoat, B
  • Cadier, T. Robin, D. Milanese, and T. Durrant, Self-similarity of time evolution of photodarkening losses induced in Yb-doped fibers and photodarkening figure of merit, Proc. SPIE 8237, p. 82373D,
  • 2012