Photoconversion of some fluorescent markers to a diaminobenzidine product.

  title={Photoconversion of some fluorescent markers to a diaminobenzidine product.},
  author={Julie H. Sandell and Richard H. Masland},
  journal={The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society},
  volume={36 5},
Retinal whole mounts, brain sections, and astrocyte cultures were labeled with various fluorescent markers. Tissues or cells were then irradiated by light in the presence of diaminobenzidine. Irradiation initiated a reaction in which specific fluorescent labeling was replaced by an insoluble diaminobenzidine product. The diaminobenzidine product is more stable than the original fluorescent labeling and can be processed for electron microscopy. In some cases, the reaction product reveals… CONTINUE READING

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