Photochimie à l'État Solide: Réactivité, Structure Cristalline et Fluorescence des Dichloro-1,8 Méthyl-9 et Méthyl-10 Anthracènes

  title={Photochimie {\`a} l'{\'E}tat Solide: R{\'e}activit{\'e}, Structure Cristalline et Fluorescence des Dichloro-1,8 M{\'e}thyl-9 et M{\'e}thyl-10 Anthrac{\`e}nes},
  author={Jean Pierre Desvergne and Henri Bouas-Laurent and Ren{\'e} Lapouyade and Jacques Gaultier and Christian Hauw and F. Lozes Dupuy},
Abstract Photoreactivity of the two isomers has been compared in solution as well as in the solid state (microcristalline powder, KBr matrices) and sites of nucleation of the dimers have been investigated by microscopic observation on monocrystals. In solution, 1,8-dichloro 10-methyl anthracene (6) photodimerises faster than its 9-methylated isomer (5). The reverse order of reactivity is observed in the solid state (microcrystals and microcrystalline powder). Crystalline and molecular structure… CONTINUE READING