Photochemotherapy (PUVA) in the treatment of urticaria pigmentosa.


Eight patients received PUVA for mastocytosis. Five women had typical adult-onset urticaria pigmentosa, without evidence of systemic disease. Another woman had suspected hepatic involvement while the remaining female had early-onset familial urticaria pigmentosa with morphologically atypical mast cells. The only male patient had cirrhosis with hepatic deposits of mast cells in addition to polycythaemia rubra vera. In all patients, except the man with systemic disease, there was reduced pruritus and wealing and partial to almost complete fading of the macules. The manifestations of urticaria pigmentosa recurred after treatment was discontinued. In both lesional and uninvolved skin there was no significant change in either the mean mast cell counts or mast cell ultrastructure after an average of twenty-seven PUVA exposures. In addition, PUVA did not cause a significant alteration in the histamine content of the skin. The beneficial effect of PUVA in urticaria pigmentosa therefore does not appear to be directly related to a change in mast cell numbers or morphology, or to the histamine concentration in the skin.


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