Photochemistry in the Far Ultraviolet

  title={Photochemistry in the Far Ultraviolet},
  author={and P J Ausloos and S. Lias},
  journal={Annual Review of Physical Chemistry},
substances. The progress made since then is obviously too vast to be covered in its entirety in the limited space allotted for this review. We therefore decided to concen­ trate on what we cons idered to be some of the more significant developments of the last 2 or 3 years. The rather spectacular increase in the number of far uv radiation studies which appeared in the literature during this period can be ascribed largely to the much wider availability of a variety of far uv sources, some of… 

Photochemical studies on the ethyl radical

Photochemical studies are performed on dipropionyl peroxide and the ethyl radical in argon matrices. Matrix isolated dipropionyl peroxide photochemically produces the ethyl radical upon exposure to

Aeronomy of the major planets: Photochemistry of ammonia and hydrocarbons

The photochemistry of hydrocarbons and ammonia is reviewed for the cold, H2-dominated atmospheres of the major planets and their satellites. Detailed discussions are given of primary dissociation

Formation and Dissociation Dynamics of Molecular Superexcited States

This is a survey of recent progress in experimental studies of spectroscopy and dynamics of molecules in the superexcited states. The Platzman’s concept of the superexcited states deduced from the

Photofragment imaging of methane

The photolysis of methane is studied using photofragment imaging techniques. Our study reveals that the photolysis of methane proceeds via many different pathways. The photofragment imaging technique