Photochemical formation of hydrogen peroxide in natural waters exposed to sunlight.

  title={Photochemical formation of hydrogen peroxide in natural waters exposed to sunlight.},
  author={William Jason Cooper and Rod G. Zika and Robert G. Petasne and J M Plane},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={22 10},
W Hydrogen peroxide is formed in most natural waters when they are exposed to sunlight. The rate at which H202 accumulates is related to the concentration of light-absorbing (>295 nm) organic substances in these waters. The photochemical accumulation rate of H202 in sunlight has been measured for several surface waters and oundwaters and was found to be 2.7 X lo-' to 48 X 10-Fmol L-' h-l, in waters ranging from 0.53 to 18 mg L-l dissolved organic carbon (DOC), respectively. These rates were… CONTINUE READING

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