Photocatalytic reactions of pyrene at TiO2/water interfaces.

  title={Photocatalytic reactions of pyrene at TiO2/water interfaces.},
  author={S M C E Wen and Jincai Zhao and Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu and Ping'an Peng},
  volume={50 1},
The photocatalytic oxidation of pyrene preadsorbed on TiO2 is examined in aqueous suspension under UV irradiation. Chemical oxygen demand measurements, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, infrared spectrometer and GC-MS analytical techniques were used to monitor the formed intermediates. During the oxidation processes, the ring-open reaction, hydroxylation and ketolysis occurred to produce some intermediate products (4-oxapyrene-5-one, 1,6- or 1,8-pyrenediones, 4,5-phenanthrenedialdehyde, cyclopenta[def… CONTINUE READING

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