Photocatalytic TiO(2) deposition by chemical vapor deposition.

  title={Photocatalytic TiO(2) deposition by chemical vapor deposition.},
  author={Dongjin Byun and Youbin Jin and Byung-Su Kim and J Kee Lee and Donghee Park},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={73 2},
Dip-coating, spray-coating or spin-coating methods for crystalline thin film deposition require post-annealing process at high temperature. Since chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process is capable of depositing high-quality thin films without post-annealing process for crystallization, CVD method was employed for the deposition of TiO(2) films on window glass substrates. Post-annealing at high temperature required for other deposition methods causes sodium ion diffusion into TiO(2) film from… CONTINUE READING

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