Photoaffinity labelling of the TSH receptor on FRTL5 cells.

  title={Photoaffinity labelling of the TSH receptor on FRTL5 cells.},
  author={Jadwiga Furmaniak and Fazila Hashim and Paul R. Buckland and V B Petersen and K Beever and R. D. Howells and Bernard Rees Smith},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={215 2},
An investigation of the properties of TSH receptors on FRTL5 cells using affinity labelling with a 125I-labelled photoactive derivative of TSH is described. Our studies suggest that FRTL5 cells contain 2 principal types of cell surface TSH receptors. One form, probably a precursor, consists of a single polypeptide chain (Mr 120,000) with an intrachain loop of amino acids formed by a disulphide bridge. The other type of receptor consists of a water-soluble A chain (Mr 55,000) linked to an… CONTINUE READING

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