Photoactivated linkage isomerism in single crystals of nickel, palladium and platinum di-nitro complexes--a photocrystallographic investigation.


Low temperature, single crystal photocrystallographic studies have been carried out on four square planar Group 10 complexes [Ni(PEt(3))(2)(NO(2))(2)] 1, [Pd(PPh(3))(2)(NO(2))(2)] 2, [Pd(AsPh(3))(2)(NO(2))(2)] 3 and [Pt(PPh(3))(2)(NO(2))(2)] 4, in which the two nitro groups adopt the trans configuration. Irradiation with UV light, at 100 K, of single… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c2dt30314k


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