Photoacoustic measurement of the Grüneisen parameter of tissue.

  title={Photoacoustic measurement of the Gr{\"u}neisen parameter of tissue.},
  author={Da-kang Yao and Chi Zhang and Konstantin Maslov and Lihong V. Wang},
  journal={Journal of biomedical optics},
  volume={19 1},
The Grüneisen parameter, a constitutive parameter in photoacoustics, is usually measured from isobaric thermal expansion, which may not be valid for a biological medium due to its heterogeneity. Here, we directly measured the Grüneisen parameter by applying photoacoustic spectroscopy. Laser pulses at wavelengths between 460 and 1800 nm were delivered to tissue samples, and photoacoustic signals were detected by flat water-immersion ultrasonic transducers. Least-squares fitting photoacoustic… CONTINUE READING