Photoabsorption on nuclei in the shadowing threshold region

  title={Photoabsorption on nuclei in the shadowing threshold region},
  author={V. Muccifora and N. Bianchi and A. Deppman and E. Sanctis and M. Mirazita and E. Polli and P. Burgwinkel and J. Hannappel and F. Klein and D. Menze and W. J. Schwille and F. Wehnes},
The energy and nuclear mass dependences of the total hadronic cross section in the energy range 0.5-2.6 GeV have been measured at Bonn using the SAPHIR tagged photon beam. The measurement, performed on C, Al, Cu, Sn and Pb, provides the first photoabsorption data in the region 1.2-1.7 GeV. The results show a significant reduction of the photoabsorption strength on the bound nucleon compared to the free nucleon case in the whole energy region. Above 1.2 GeV this reduction decreases with the… Expand