Phosphovanadylite-Ca, Ca[V4 4+P2O8(OH)8]·12H2O, the Ca analogue of phosphovanadylite-Ba

  title={Phosphovanadylite-Ca, Ca[V4 4+P2O8(OH)8]·12H2O, the Ca analogue of phosphovanadylite-Ba},
  author={A. Kampf and B. Nash and Tom A. Loomis},
  journal={American Mineralogist},
  pages={439 - 443}
Abstract Phosphovanadylite-Ca, Ca[V44+P2O8(OH)8]·12H2O, is a new mineral from the South Rasmussen (or South Rasmussen Ridge) phosphate mine, Soda Springs, Caribou County, Idaho. It is named as the Ca analog of phosphovanadylite, which is now renamed as phosphovanadylite-Ba. The new mineral grows on matrix containing fine-grained quartz, massive, porous fluorapatite and hydroxylapatite, framboidal pyrite, and tiny, euhedral sphalerite crystals. Other minerals directly associated with the new… Expand

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