Phosphorylation status of nephrin in human membranous nephropathy

  title={Phosphorylation status of nephrin in human membranous nephropathy},
  author={Teiko Ohashi and Keiko Uchida and Yukari Asamiya and Yuki Tsuruta and Mayuko Ohno and Shigeru Horita and Kosaku Nitta},
  journal={Clinical and Experimental Nephrology},
We recently reported that nephrin, a major slit-diaphragm protein, is phosphorylated at Y1204 and Y1228 in normal human glomeruli and that phosphorylation decreased significantly in minimal-change nephrosis. These results indicate that phosphorylation of nephrin is important for maintenance of normal podocyte morphology and function. On the other hand, phosphorylation of nephrin was reportedly increased in certain animal models of glomerular injury. We performed immunofluorescent and… CONTINUE READING