Phosphorylation site sequence of smooth muscle myosin light chain (Mr = 20 000).

  title={Phosphorylation site sequence of smooth muscle myosin light chain (Mr = 20 000).},
  author={Richard B Pearson and Ross Jakes and Michael John and John Kendrick-Jones and Bruce E. Kemp},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={168 1},
The amino terminal sequence of the myosin light chain (Mr = 20 000) isolated from chicken gizzards was found to be (sequence in text). This sequence assignment differs from that reported by Maita et al. [(1981) European J. Biochem. 117, 417] in the order of the tryptic peptides. The revised amino acid sequence exhibits greater homology with the phosphorylation site sequences of the regulatory light chains from cardiac and skeletal muscle. Moreover it is now apparent why synthetic peptides… CONTINUE READING


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