Phosphorylation represses Ets-1 DNA binding by reinforcing autoinhibition.

  title={Phosphorylation represses Ets-1 DNA binding by reinforcing autoinhibition.},
  author={Dale O Cowley and Barbara J. Graves},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={14 3},
Phosphorylation of transcription factors is a key link between cell signaling and the control of gene expression. Here we report that phosphorylation regulates DNA binding of the Ets-1 transcription factor by reinforcing an autoinhibitory mechanism. Quantitative DNA-binding assays show that calcium-dependent phosphorylation inhibits Ets-1 DNA binding 50-fold. The four serines that mediate this inhibitory effect are distant from the DNA-binding domain but near structural elements required for… CONTINUE READING