Phosphorylation-regulated axonal dependent transport of syntaxin 1 is mediated by a Kinesin-1 adapter.

  title={Phosphorylation-regulated axonal dependent transport of syntaxin 1 is mediated by a Kinesin-1 adapter.},
  author={John Jia En Chua and Eugenia V Butkevich and Josephine M Worseck and Maike Kittelmann and Mads Gr\onborg and Elmar Behrmann and Ulrich Stelzl and Nathan Pavlos and Maciej M. Lalowski and Stefan Eimer and Erich E. Wanker and Dieter Robert Klopfenstein and Reinhard Jahn},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={109 15},
Presynaptic nerve terminals are formed from preassembled vesicles that are delivered to the prospective synapse by kinesin-mediated axonal transport. However, precisely how the various cargoes are linked to the motor proteins remains unclear. Here, we report a transport complex linking syntaxin 1a (Stx) and Munc18, two proteins functioning in synaptic vesicle exocytosis at the presynaptic plasma membrane, to the motor protein Kinesin-1 via the kinesin adaptor FEZ1. Mutation of the FEZ1 ortholog… CONTINUE READING


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