Phosphorylation of IRS proteins Yin-Yang regulation of insulin signaling.

  title={Phosphorylation of IRS proteins Yin-Yang regulation of insulin signaling.},
  author={X. J. Sun and F. Liu},
  journal={Vitamins and hormones},
  • X. J. Sun, F. Liu
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Vitamins and hormones
  • Growing evidence reveals that insulin signal pathway is not static, but is rather a dynamic, flexible, and fed in by negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) regulation in response to environmental changes. Normal insulin response reflects the balance between Yin and Yang regulation acting upon insulin signaling pathway. Conceivably, imbalance between the Yin and Yang results in abnormal insulin sensitivity such as insulin resistance. IRS-proteins are insulin receptor substrates that mediate insulin… CONTINUE READING
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