Phosphoproteomics strategies for the functional analysis of signal transduction.

  title={Phosphoproteomics strategies for the functional analysis of signal transduction.},
  author={Sandra Morandell and Taras Stasyk and Karin Grosstessner-Hain and Elisabeth Roitinger and Karl Mechtler and Guenther Karl Bonn and Lukas A. Huber},
  volume={6 14},
Protein phosphorylation is a key regulatory mechanism of cellular signalling processes. The analysis of phosphorylated proteins and the characterisation of phosphorylation sites under different biological conditions are some of the most challenging tasks in current proteomics research. Reduction of the sample complexity is one major step for the analysis of low-abundance kinase substrates, which can be achieved by various subcellular fractionation techniques. One strategy is the enrichment of… CONTINUE READING


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