Phosphoproteome profile of human lung cancer cell line A549.

  title={Phosphoproteome profile of human lung cancer cell line A549.},
  author={Guangchuang Yu and Chuan-Le Xiao and Chunhua Lu and Hai-tao Jia and Feng Ge and Wei Wang and Xing-Feng Yin and Hong-Ling Jia and Jianxing He and Qing-Yu He},
  journal={Molecular bioSystems},
  volume={7 2},
As an in vitro model for type II human lung cancer, A549 cells resist cytotoxicity via phosphorylation of proteins as demonstrated by many studies. However, to date, no large-scale phosphoproteome investigation has been conducted on A549. Here, we performed a systematical analysis of the phosphoproteome of A549 by using mass spectrometry (MS)-based strategies. This investigation led to the identification of 337 phosphorylation sites on 181 phosphoproteins. Among them, 67 phosphoproteins and 230… CONTINUE READING