Phosphonium Ionic Liquids

  title={Phosphonium Ionic Liquids},
  author={Christine J. Bradaric and Andrew Downard and Christine Kennedy and A. J. Robertson and Yuehui Zhou},
Microwave-assisted synthesis of 1,4-bis(difluoromethyl)benzene
A fast, mild, and practical microwave-assisted protocol for synthesis of 1,4-bis(difluoromethyl)benzene from 1,4-bis(dichloromethyl)benzene and KF was developed. The new protocol increased the yieldExpand
Metal Ion Separation with Functional Adsorbents and Phytoremediation Used as Sustainable Technologies
The amounts of “Electronic wastes” including heavy metals are increasing day by day. Such waste is in the rich resource of various metals having the precious metals. Therefore, these wastes areExpand
Phosphonium ionic liquids as extractants for recovery of ruthenium(III) from acidic aqueous solutions
The aim of this work is to investigate extraction of ruthenium(III) from acidic aqueous solutions with phosphonium ionic liquids such as trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride (Cyphos IL 101) and tributyl( tetrade cylinders) phosphonum chloride ( CyphosIL 167) as extractants. Expand
Alicyclic ammonium ionic liquids as lithium battery electrolytes
Alberto V. Puga among the most negative known. Therefore, lithium cells may provide voltages of up to ca. 4 V, around twice as high as those of other kinds of common batteries. Nonetheless, lithiumExpand
Vectorization of splice-correcting oligonucleotides with cell-penetrating peptides
Personalized medicine approaches based on different gene therapy settings have gained much attention lately. In order to enforce successful gene therapy, genetic material needs to be delivered intoExpand
Concentration effect of hydrophilic ionic liquids on the enzymatic activity of Candida antarctica lipase B
Cations with longer alkyl chains decrease the enzyme activity by obstruction of its non-polar active site, while direct interactions established between the enzyme and the anions, dominated by dispersion forces and hydrogen-bonding contribute also for the loss of activity observed. Expand
Treatment of E ffl uents Issued from Agro-Food Industries by Liquid − Liquid Extraction of Malic and Lactic Acids Using Trin-octylamine and Trin-butyl Phosphate
The principal objective of this study is to develop new methods for recovery of the acids malic and lactic present in the distilling effluents of the wine industry by solvents. The information aboutExpand
Applications of Ionic Liquids in Science and Technology
Ionic Liquids in Separation of Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Solvents and catalysts for organic reactions:  Friedel-Crafts reactions,  Alkylation,  Izomerisation,  Acylation,  Esterification,  Cracking,  Diels-Alder addition,  Wittig reactions,Expand
Toxicity of ionic liquids and organic solvents towards Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas putida
i. AbstractThe University of ManchesterNicola WoodDegree of Doctor of PhilosophyToxicity of Ionic Liquids and Organic Solvents towards Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas putidaFunded by BBSRC2011ByExpand