Phospholipid-based microemulsions of flurbiprofen by the spontaneous emulsification process.

  title={Phospholipid-based microemulsions of flurbiprofen by the spontaneous emulsification process.},
  author={Keun-Hong Park and Min Kyung Lee and Kwang Jin Hwang and C K Kim},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={183 2},
The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility for parenteral delivery of flurbiprofen without chemical modification using a phospholipid-based microemulsion system. Microemulsions composed of ethyl oleate, lecithin and distearoylphosphatidyl-ethanolamine-N-poly(ethyleneglycol) 2000 (DSPE-PEG) were prepared using ethanol as a cosolvent. The effect of formulation variables on the particle size of the microemulsion was investigated. Flurbiprofen concentrations in plasma and various… CONTINUE READING
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