Phosphoinositide Lipid Second Messengers: New Paradigms for Calcium Channel Modulation

  title={Phosphoinositide Lipid Second Messengers: New Paradigms for Calcium Channel Modulation},
  author={Patrick Delmas and Bertrand Coste and Nikita Gamper and Mark S. Shapiro},
Neuronal Ca2+ channels are key transducers coupling excitability to cellular function. As such, they are tightly regulated by multiple G protein-signaling pathways that finely tune their activity. In addition to fast, direct G(beta)gamma modulation of Ca2+ channels, a slower Galpha(q/11)-mediated mechanism has remained enigmatic despite intensive study. Recent work suggests that membrane phosphoinositides are crucial determinants of Ca2+ channel activity. Here, we discuss their role in Ca2… CONTINUE READING

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