Phosphatonins: new hormones that control phosphorus homeostasis.

  title={Phosphatonins: new hormones that control phosphorus homeostasis.},
  author={Gemma Marcucci and Laura Masi and Maria Luisa Brandi},
  journal={Expert review of endocrinology & metabolism},
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Phosphorus (Pi) plays an important role in nucleic acid synthesis, energy metabolism, bone mineralization and cell signaling, and is also present in sugars, phospholipids and phosphoproteins. Phosphate homeostasis is controlled by processes that regulate the intestinal absorption and renal excretion of Pi, and bone turnover. These processes are influenced by peptide and sterol hormones, such as parathyroid hormone and 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1α,25[OH]2D3). Recently, a new class of phosphate… CONTINUE READING