Phosphatidylcholine protects against fibrosis and cirrhosis in the baboon.

  title={Phosphatidylcholine protects against fibrosis and cirrhosis in the baboon.},
  author={Charles S. Lieber and Sander J. Robins and Jun Li and Leonore M Decarli and Ki M. Mak and J M Fasulo and Maria Anna Leo},
  volume={106 1},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Polyunsaturated soybean lecithin (55%-60% phosphatidylcholine [PC]) protects against fibrosis in alcohol-fed baboons. The present study was undertaken to determine whether PC is the active agent. METHODS Virtually pure PC (equivalent to that contained in the lecithin) was administered for up to 6.5 years with or without alcohol, and the results were compared with those of unsupplemented groups. RESULTS Control livers remained normal, whereas 10 of 12 baboons fed alcohol… CONTINUE READING