Phoretic Interactions Generically Induce Dynamic Clusters and Wave Patterns in Active Colloids.

  title={Phoretic Interactions Generically Induce Dynamic Clusters and Wave Patterns in Active Colloids.},
  author={Benno Liebchen and Davide Marenduzzo and Michael E Cates},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={118 26},
We introduce a representative minimal model for phoretically interacting active colloids. Combining kinetic theory, linear stability analyses, and a general relation between self-propulsion and phoretic interactions in autodiffusiophoretic and autothermophoretic Janus colloids collapses the parameter space from six to two dimensionless parameters: area fraction and Péclet number. This collapse arises when the lifetime of the self-generated phoretic fields is not too short, and leads to a… CONTINUE READING

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