Phonons, pions and quasi-long-range order in spatially modulated chiral condensates

  title={Phonons, pions and quasi-long-range order in spatially modulated chiral condensates},
  author={Yoshimasa Hidaka and Kazuhiko Kamikado and Takuya Kanazawa and Toshifumi Noumi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We investigate low-energy fluctuations in the real kink crystal phase of dense quark matter within the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model. The modulated chiral condensate breaks both the translational symmetry and chiral symmetry spontaneously, which leads to the appearance of phonons and pions that are dominant degrees of freedom in the infrared. Using the Ginzburg-Landau expansion near the Lifshitz point, we derive elastic free energies for phonons and pions in dependence on the temperature and… 

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