Phonon metamorphosis in ferromagnetic manganite films: Probing the evolution of an inhomogeneous state

  title={Phonon metamorphosis in ferromagnetic manganite films: Probing the evolution of an inhomogeneous state},
  author={Ch. Hartinger and Franz Mayr and Alois Loidl and Thilo Kopp},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The analysis of phonon anomalies provides valuable information about the cooperative dynamics of lattice, spin and charge degrees of freedom. Significant is the anomalous temperature dependence of the external modes observed in La$_{2/3}$Sr$_{1/3}$MnO$_{3}$ (LSMO) films. The two external modes merge close to the ferromagnetic to paramagnetic transition at $T_C$ and, moreover, two new modes evolve in this temperature range with strong resonances at slightly higher frequencies. We propose that… 
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Infrared Spectroscopy and Nano-Imaging of La0.67Sr0.33Mno3 Films
  • P. Xu
  • Physics, Materials Science
  • 2017
Charge transport properties of manganites can be significantly modified by temperature, chemical doping, strain, and interfacial boundaries. In this dissertation, we report studies on broadband
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Rare regions, i.e., rare large spatial disorder fluctuations, can dramatically change the properties of a phase transition in a quenched disordered system. In generic classical equilibrium systems,


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The results suggest that the transition and the associated magnetoresistance behavior should be viewed as a percolation of metallic ferromagnetic domains.
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Experimental data reviewed here by applying several techniques for manganites and other materials are consistent with a transition between the antiferromagnetic insulator state of the hole-undoped limit and the ferromagnetic metal at finite hole density through a mixed-phase process.
Intrinsic inhomogeneities in manganite thin films investigated with scanning tunneling spectroscopy.
Thin films of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 on MgO show a metal insulator transition and colossal magnetoresistance that can be explained by intrinsic spatial inhomogeneities and undergo a percolation transition.